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As a Holistic Coach, my driving force is to help you. Your life can be enhanced by prioritizing your own immunity! 


Today we suffer from MORE skin issues, circulation issues, poor moods, digestive issues, addictions, and imbalances in hormones, NOT LESS, yet we know more. The confusion seems to lie in daily corporate marketing misinformation saying things are healthy when they clearly are not.

Hi, I'm Connie Rogers

I'm a mom, professional researcher, certified cosmetologist, certified health coach and brain health coach, reiki master, skin health educator, and an online wellness blogger for over 2 decades. I was a caregiver for over 9 years. Today, I help thousands of people all over the world learn to pick up the pieces of overwhelm, start anew, and rebuild the puzzle of their immunity.

I believe in the power of perception. If we stop to think how accurate our interpretation of an event is....we may just see circumstances in a different light.

I believe we don't have to lose our minds as we age. There are habits and patterns that WE can change in order to prevent Alzheimer's thus changing results. 

I believe in my autoimmunity recovery course! If we use the analogy of the movie, Titanic, there was a point in the movie where the designer of the ship pulled out the blue prints to analyze the situation. He quickly came to the realization that with 5 of the 10 chambers of the hull breached there was nothing anyone could do. The ship, was going down. We have 10 body systems, when 5 are in jeopardy we have a poorly functioning immune system that demands our immediate attention.

"What we put on our fork and in our head are powerful tools for building immunity. I'll teach you how to tune into happy & tune out your critic, creating a plan for recovery." CR

Are you ready to put an end to food confusion?